Dublin Fundraising Exhibition: Oct 6-8

From Destitution to University: we’re almost there!

We would like to invite you to a 100-piece contemporary art exhibition in the heart of Dublin, in support of The Humla Children’s Home university fund.
The three-day exhibition will be held from Thursday 6 October to Saturday 8 October in the Ranelagh Arts Centre (26 Ranelagh, Dublin 6; open 11 am – 7 pm). Featuring the work of 15 artists, as well as prints and a raffle, the exhibition opens at 11am on Thursday 6th, with a drinks reception from 6 – 9 pm. 

The Humla Children’s Home

To escape Maoist recruitment and terrible poverty, desperate parents sent their children away to the capital, where they hoped they would find a better life. Most of the children streaming in to Kathmandu in this way have very hard and often short lives, surviving any way they can, on the street.

In 2004, a group of such children was found abandoned in a barn on the outskirts of Kathmandu, having just arrived from Humla, one of the poorest regions of Nepal. The Irish couple that found them, knowing what lay ahead for such children, decided in that moment to make a home for them, and help them find a different future.

This was the birth of The Humla Children’s Home.

From Destitution to University

In the light of the extraordinary determination and growth of the Humla children in their early years with the Home and at school, the vision of The Humla Children’s Home expanded into a new goal: to help these brave young people to reach their full potential in life, with no barriers to them. This was when the objective “From Destitution to University” was established.

Twelve years on, nine of the children, now young adults, are at university in Asia and Europe, with the nine younger ones to follow.

One is studying Medicine (and is 2nd place in her class);

one is studying Journalism (results pending);

one is studying Accountancy (graduates this year – final results pending);

one is studying Aerospace Engineering (1st place);

two are studying Agriculture (1st and 3rd places);

one is studying Computer Science (1st place);

one is studying Information Technology (4th place);

and one is studying Physiotherapy (results pending).

We are proud of how far all of our Humla children have come, and how hard they have worked to get there.

With your help, they can go all the way.

From Destitution to University - Dublin Fundraising Exhibition